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When I was sick with a combination of a bacterial & viral infection (end of 2021), I was becoming weaker and couldn’t preform my everyday responsibilities. I had gone to my natural doctor to see what they could do. They offered me no solutions at all! I turned to Dr. Nancy who put me on a protocol, specifically for my body, using her intuitive skills. Within a few days I could notice I was getting better.  From there it moved forward to 100% better again!  


A few months later I started to have a lot of hair loss (2022). I have beautiful hair with no history of hair loss and none in my family history. I also had subtle signs that my kidneys were not right and my gallbladder was acting up.  I was very concerned. 


When Dr. Nancy used her intuitive skills to check with my body, she discovered that I had been exposed to a pesticide. It was invading my organs, my brain and could do a lot of damage.  

I couldn’t remember any pesticide I had been exposed to, since I am a very natural person. I do not use chemicals on myself or my animals.  

Then it hit me!  I remembered that I had been recently exposed to a pesticide.  My barn cats I had to bring home to live with me and one of them had fleas.  I had panicked and used a pesticide on him.

Dr. Nancy identified the core issue, what caused it and how to heal it. 

From there Dr. Nancy started her healing sessions. All I needed to do was believe & drink lots of water.  I go about my day as usual and she begins the healing sessions.  

My hair loss began to slow down and eventually stopped all together. The kidneys bothersome signals stopped.  The gallbladder issue disappeared.  


Dr. Nancy has incredible intuitive & healing abilities.  Identifying core issue(s), assigns a natural treatment plan specifically for YOUR body, and the prognosis if left untreated.  It’s quick, and non-invasive solutions to sometimes serious issues that no amount of testing from a doctor’s office would ever identify.  No cookie cuter solutions, but solutions that work exactly for you and your body.  


Dr. Nancy is warm, patient, respectful, a great listener, compassionate, interested in you and your world and sometimes surprisingly funny.  


If you want to open your mind and your world to the magical world of healing with intuition and energy, then Dr. Nancy is where you start your incredible journey.  

This journey you will not find with your MD, or in text books, or anything within the medical world.  


This is where amazing awe inspiring phenomena meet the reality of the unbelievable.  


Since then, I have introduced my sister’s husband and my dad to Dr. Nancy and they too are on a path to better health. 


Diana Wanamaker

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